Replicator 5, codename Replicator-X is currently in Development. Visually, from a UI perspective, there's not going to be much of a difference, though a few updates will be noticable within the Control Panel.

The Code Core has been updated and many fixes have been put in place that hadn't been previously been patched in the 4.0 release of the core. Replicator-X also includes ColdFusion 11 compatibility, and various database and configuration updates.

What's been Updated in Replicator-X

  • Adobe CF-11 compatability
  • Migration away from Hibernate ORM to DataMgr (Pending)
  • Global accessibility for shared assets (Fonts, Java Classes, etc)
  • Inclusion of bCrypt Class for Data Encryption
  • Inclusion of BarbeCue Class for BardCode Generation
  • Upgraded FW/1 core to 4.0
  • Isolated Replicator Functions to Replicator Component that Extends FW/1
  • Individual Site Assets have been moved to the /globals/site/sitename_ext/ folder
  • Login to the Front-End or Back-End with either an email Address or User Name
  • Control Panel Session Expiration Notification
  • Use of both Material & Font-Awesome Icons
  • Consolidated System & Module Settings Dashboard
  • New Database Schema
  • Fixed Internal Analytics tracking for Top Pages Reporting Corrections
  • web.conf for IIS Compatibility with ':' subsystem delimiter

New in Replicator-X

  • Plugins

    Plugins are components that will extend the core funtionality of the System and are located within the lib/plugins folder. These components ARE NOT MODULES, and do not have a UI that extends the front or backend of the system. Plugins can be dynamically included by using the following syntax:

    rc.Regions = getPlugin(plugin='RegionHelper');
  • New Form Builder Module

    Build & Manage Forms and Form Submissions

  • New E-Store Module

    Sell Items online and Process Payments

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