How many times has a recruiter, or interviewer asked you to write some code as part of the interview process? Probably quite a few times, no doubt. While the Recruiter and/or Interviewee is requesting you to take an “evaluation” to understand your coding and thought process, you aren‘t required to fulfil that request.

Yep, you don’t have to do it. The Recruiter/Interviewer may say it is required, so glady and reluctantly move on. It’s not required, nor is it a necessity to do so.

The whole process, as far as I have seen is they want a “free” solution to their problem.

In one case, I did a coding evaluation, and then I encrypted the source code and sent it in. I gOt an immediate response of “Your code is encrypted, we can’t evaluate it” to which I replidd, “So I’m not getting the job?” This particular instance, we went back and forth for a few days, before I finally said “I’m not solving your problems for free. Either you hire me, or you don’t”. I obviously didn’t get the job.

One of my more recent endeavors, I received a “Coding Evaluation” for an example App that had to be written in Ruby. That’s not the kicker however, the kicker is “The sample application you write does not have to run”. Doesn’t that kinda defeat the purpose of writing a sample application? I laughed to myself and kindly replied "Since the Application I am developing, according to the very vague specifications given, doesn't have to run, here's the evaluation:" and I sent an empty text file the comment (in ruby format) of :

"Since the Application developed didn't have run here it is:"

That apparently didn't go over well with the Hiring Manager or whomever had reviewed the code.

But look - you ARE NOT REQUIRED at anytime during the hiring process to have to code for any reason. If the company hiring you makes it a requisite of the interview - walk away. There's a problem there you don't want to be in the midst of.

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