Replicator 4.0.0 - BootStrap 4

Replicator 3.1.0 (the Version number may very well change to 4 to match the boostrap verison) has now been plugged and developed with Bootstrap 4. Yes, there is a Default "Replicator" Theme in Bootstrap 4 for the front-End and the Control Panel (Formerly known as the Administration Panel) is also rendered in BoostStrap 4. Since a lot of t…

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Blog Module : Comments only for Site Members

There's been (an internally) controversial Feature in the Replicator's Updated Blog Module. We developed it to permit comments only from Memebers of Your Site. The initial thought of this was to prevent spammers and trolls from posting insignifigant comments on your blog (Ofcourse this can also be handled via Moderation). We considered…

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HTMLHead() and HTMLFoot() Functions

In order to assist in customizing the Replicator system, we've added two new Template Variables, rc.HTMLHead and rc.HTMLFoot. The functions are included in your module's cfc before and after events, and outputs the specific modules assets, such as CSS or JavaScript files. Using the rc.HTMLHead variable inputs CSS into t…

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