Replicator™ started as most projects do, by being a conglomeration of different peices, all jammed together, and hot-wired to work with one another.
Over time, the system itself began to coalesce and became it’s own standalone system. In 2006, Replicator as a semi-complete functional system was spawned. 
Originally released as webOS, and offered on RiaForge.org. it took off. The system began to gain some popularity, and a lot of features requests, and help were offered from the community.
Within later 2007, development of the system was becoming a rigorous effort, even with community support, and opensource offering was suspended. 
It was continued to be developed and revamped during 2008 through 2012. Within that time it was rebadged “Mojito” and continued to develop, adopting an object oriented programming structure.
Released privately, a custom build of the system, initially a “Beta” testing new features, functions and configurations, the project codenamed “Replicator” had proven that it was a truely stable and easy to maintain system, having totally surpassed the the expectations of it’s developers and clients, offering nearly 150 websites from an easy to deploy, customized code base.

During this private exhibition of the system, Replicator’s Developer decided to merge ALL the code into a single code-base, and truelly put the system under a SAAS stress-test. With minimal issues, the system held up, and had adopted a database-based configuration, also offering multi-site support off-the disk.

The CodeName “Replicator” became the project’s true name, and has remained the system’s name.

Recently, through 2015-2017 the system has undergone 3 major version revisions, each offering new features and functions that were inspired from previous versions customizations, and roadmaps. We have some exciting development going on, including but not limited to including Section 508 Compliance for Users with Disabilities.

Currently in Version 5- Replicator is still actively developed, and is actually the system you are viewing this content on now.
We not only promote and develop our Product Offering, but we use it as well.