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This is Replicatorâ„¢


We developed Replicator in the ColdFusion Language. Why? Well, first off we prefer it, but ColdFusion is more than a language, it's also a platform. The ColdFusion platform is optimized for rapid development. This speed in development allows us to do more with less. We get features done faster and push quality code out the door quickly.

Replicator runs on any database, while having been built on SQL Server, we've also tested it on PostGreSQL, and MySQL. Harnessing the power and flexibility of ColdFusion's ORM (though Hibernate) we've been able to build and deploy a Website Management System that can run on whatever you need it to.

We're Continuosly maintaining Replicator. We're always pushing bug-fixes, new Features and Modules. We're always keeping Replicator up to date, constantly tested and deployed. We're not letting the Replicator go stagnant, we're always making improvements.